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He obtained his Naturopathic Medical degree from N.T.R HEALTH UNIVERSITY, Andhra Pradesh. He served in Jindal Naturopathy centre, Bangalore, Karnataka and other naturopathy centers in Gandhi Nagar, Pune. He has versatile experience in Research, Teaching, Training, Hospital and Administration. He provided nature cure treatments to patients with different medical problems. During his career, he guided many graduate naturopathic medical students. And as project head and medical superintendent at Narayana yoga & naturopathy hospital from 10th may 2007 to 7TH may 2008, being a professor in philosophy of nature cure from 7th may 2008 and working as a principal from 9th march 2009 to till date.
He has a vision to bring up Narayana yoga naturopathic medical sciences as one among the top most yoga naturopathic Medical services in India, to improve research activities in all aspects concerning Human Health, standardization and propagation of the existing knowledge and its application through research in Naturopathy. His commitment, personality and ability with his overwhelming desire to work hard for the system are his strength.