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Now a days, due to stressful daily activities people are prone for many health problems like Diabetes, Blood pressure. In the same time mechanical health problems like Lower back pain, Knee pain are also increased due to the adaptation of wrong postures while sitting as well as during the physical activity. The important aspect i.e. Diet has a remarkable share in our life. Eating wrong food in wrong timings and wrong quantity will lead to many health problems like constipation, Acid peptic disease, and gastris. Along these habits sedentary life style, stress will lead to serious health problems like Coronary Artery disease. To prevent all these diseases as well as to relive the above conditions we have some Naturopathy and Yoga health Packages which will be very useful in the following diseases like Obesity, Constipation, Acid peptic disease Diabetes, Bronchial Asthma, Paralysis.

Following Health Packages are available at our Hospital
Naturopathy Treatment Packages. :

Til oil 10 days package – rs.2, 500
Olive oil 10 days package – rs.3, 500
Aroma oil 10 days package – rs.4, 500
Til oil 15 days package – rs. 3,750
Olive oil 15 days package – rs.5, 250
Aroma oil 15 days package – rs.6, 750
One month Til oil package – rs.7, 500
One month olive oil package –rs.10, 500
One month aroma oil package –rs.13, 500
One day treatments:
Til oil massage – rs.350
Olive oil massage – rs.450
Aroma oil massage – rs.550
Salt glow massage – rs.600
Nature cream massage- rs.650
Herbal facial massage- rs.300
Acupuncture for pain relief (per day) - rs.150
Diet plan:
Mixed vegetable juice – rs.20
Sprouts – rs.20
Lemon juice – rs.10
Afternoon lunch:
Monday: brown rice + pulkas +mixed vegetable curry +vegetable soup + Butter milk.
Tuesday: vegetable dahlia + pudina chutney
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: brown rice + pulkas +mixed vegetable curry +vegetable soup + Butter milk.
Saturday: raagi sangati +chutney +raita.
Yoga therapy:
Yoga general batch one month – rs.500
Yoga general batch three months – rs.1000
Fitness therapy -  rs.500